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News - This unit displays the latest laws and regulations information in the past months.

No Date Title
1. 2023.08.01 Regulations for Allocating and Governing Telecommunications Numbers
2. 2023.08.01 Regulations Governing Telecommunications Numbers
3. 2023.07.27 Regulations Governing the Use of Radio Frequencies
4. 2023.07.14 Matters Concerning Applications by Telecommunications Enterprises for the Assignment of Radio Frequency for Fixed-satellite Service
5. 2023.06.01 Regulations Governing Mobile Broadband Dedicated Telecommunications Network Fee-Charging Standards
6. 2023.06.01 Regulations Governing the Establishment and Use of Mobile Broadband Dedicated Telecommunications Networks
7. 2023.06.01 Operation Directions Governing the Interconnection of MyData
8. 2023.06.01 Standards for the Usage Fees of Radio Frequency
9. 2023.05.19 數位經濟相關產業
10. 2023.02.24 Regulations Governing Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism for the Third-Party Payment Enterprises